"Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." ~James 1:27

Friday, March 18, 2011

Song: Thank You For Giving to The Lord

I believe the Lord reminded me of this song Brenda Woods use to sing at my home church when I was a child. I was on my way back from Gulu, Uganda and was thinking about the ministry the Lord has for me to do during my stay in Uganda. I believe He spoke to my heart in such a tender way and told me that I may never know who benefits from the work of my hands, the words of encouragement I have spoken, the love I've shown, the joy I've passed on by simply smiling at someone, ect...I pray the words bless your heart:
        Thank You For Giving to the Lord
        by Ray Boltz

        I dreamed I went to Heaven, you were there with me.
        We walked upon the streets of gold beside the Crystal Sea.
        We heard the angels singing, then someone called your name.
        You turned and saw this young man, and he was smiling as he came.

        He said, "Friend you may not know me now," and then he said, "But wait -
        You used to teach my Sunday School, when I was only eight.
        And every week you would say a prayer before the class would start.
        And one day when you said that prayer,
        I asked Jesus in my heart."

          Thank you for giving to the Lord,
          I am a life that was changed.
          Thank you for giving to the Lord,
          I am so glad you gave.

        Then another man stood before you, he said "Remember the time,
        A missionary came to your church, His pictures made you cry.
        You didn't have much money but you gave it anyway.
        Jesus took that gift you gave
        And that's why I'm in Heaven today"

          Thank you for giving to the Lord,
          I am a life that was changed.
          Thank you for giving to the Lord,
          I am so glad you gave.

        One by one they came, far as your eyes could see.
        Each life somehow touched by your generosity.
        Little things that you had done, sacrifices that you made,
        They were unnoticed on this earth
        In Heaven now proclaimed.

          Thank you for giving to the Lord,
          I am a life that was changed.
          Thank you for giving to the Lord,
          I am so glad you gave.

        And I know up in Heaven you're not supposed to cry
        But I am almost sure there were tears in your eyes
        As Jesus took your hand and you stood before the Lord
        He said "My child look around you,
        Great is your reward."

          Thank you for giving to the Lord,
          I am a life that was changed.
          Thank you for giving to the Lord,
          I am so glad you gave,
          I am so glad you gave.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/15/11 Update

Our God is absolutely amazing! I’m so humbled by His goodness that my eyes are literally filled with tears of absolute joy as I’m writing to you. I’m almost at a loss for words, but will try my best to convey all the workings of Almighty God that are in my spirit. I have such a burning desire to share with you all not only what God is doing in the nation of Uganda but how He is changing me as a result of what He’s revealing to me! I am absolutely blown away. You know we go on mission trips with the mindset of blessing others, serving others, and loving others. However, I’ve found once you go, you always come back with so much more than you left with. Once we yield to Christ, it’s amazing what He does in not only our lives, but in the lives of everyone we are surrounded by and also to those we may never meet this side of heaven. You go to bless, but the Lord blesses you twofold by those you came to serve. It’s amazing! A lot of you know my heart for the nation of Uganda. I traveled here about two years ago and literally fell in love with the Ugandan people. They are the most warm and welcoming community of people I’ve ever had the privilege to know. It sounds crazy, but even back home in the States, when I would see an African American and they didn’t even have to be a true native, something inside my spirit danced for joy almost. I would get all excited. I’m just drawn to them. I almost wish you could see through the eyes of my heart if only for a second just so I could allow you to capture it and see it from my perspective. I want to take just a second and speak to “the church.” To my church family, I am brought to tears truly every time I talk about you and you know who you are! Those of you who have watched me grow up and have seen me develop. I say this at every presentation I give, I always take you with me on every trip, everywhere I go. I’ve taken you all around the world. Some of you can’t go on the mission field, but give so generously to send me. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you! For your prayers, for your encouragement, for your love, and your financial support. I would not be here if it weren’t for you being obedient to the Lord’s will. It brings tears of joy to my eyes just thinking about all the rewards you are storing up for yourself in heaven and that He will say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant, for great is your reward.” So thank you truly from the bottom of my heart! And to my own flesh and blood: Mom and Dad, thank you! I would not be who I am and where I am today had it not been for your obedience to the Lord and raising me in the fear and admonition of the Lord! To know I have your blessing and wholehearted support despite the difficulty of not having me in your arms to hold means a world of words where there really are no words. I thank God for you all! Every single one of you! You have all blessed me in ways you may never know!

The team and I traveled into Northern Uganda Friday evening into a town called Gulu. This was actually my first trip there and it is at the heart of where the war took place around 1994. Gulu is where the Lord’s Resistance Army set up command centers in order to raise up child soldiers. These children were forced to witness unimaginable atrocities. Children were forced to kill their family members and were forced to watch their family members be mutilated and killed right before their eyes. The children were threatened with their lives if they did not obey the commands to kill their family. Many of the women were abducted, taken into the bush and raped, beaten, and left desolate. The violence was horrific and like nothing you could imagine. Gulu is about four hours from Kampala, where I’m currently residing. Our purpose for traveling there was to team up with an Engineer Missions International (EMI) team. This team is made up of experts that specialize in architecture, agriculture, and various other disciples. This team was put together by Almighty God and His fingerprints were all over it. This team came together from all over the world and worked together on formulating a master plan for what is to be called Koch Agriculture Technical College in Gulu. This team has been working extensively all day and all night for a solid week in preparation for the presentation in which we heard today. This college is designed to bring hope to not only the surrounding villages and community in which it borders, but also will target students in Watoto that have graduated from the Watoto villages that have a passion for learning how to farm, grow crops, raise livestock, ect. There was a particular lady by the name of Kristin. She is a native from Gulu herself and I was just blown away at how to Lord is using her. To me, she was an individual in which when she speaks, people listen. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, hanging on every word she was saying. What she was saying was so interesting. This project began about three years ago when Watoto purchased 150 acres to build this college on. However, she stated you have to understand the Acholi culture in order to truly grasp how inspired this project is by the Lord. The Acholi people view land as their inheritance. It is the only thing in which they have possession of being so poor, so naturally it is something they hold very near and dear and is extremely difficult for them to let go of. It means a great deal to them. So for them to come together and believe with Watoto that this college will bring hope and lasting change not only to those who travel through this college, but for them and their entire community, they bought into this belief in order to release their inheritance (their inheritance being the land that Watoto purchased to build this college on). One of the amazing things about Watoto Ministry is that it doesn’t just touch the lives of those it’s designed to care for, orphans and widows. It not only brings hope to the lives of the orphans, widows, and vulnerable women who have been abducted, raped, and who are now HIV+, but that hope spills over the boundary lines of Watoto’s physical property lines into the lives of the surrounding community and in turn the Lord brings healing to this war impoverished community. I am so humbled to be a part of this amazing kingdom work the Lord is doing. It’s so broad scale. Because you see it’s so much more than teams coming together to build schools, village homes, or an agricultural school. It’s about being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and bringing hope to a community who has literally been through hell and back. You see we all have our own sphere of influence. Those only we can reach as Christ paves the way. Kingdom work has such a ripple effect. Similar to when you throw a rock in a body of water, the ripple begins small, but begins to grow. The larger the ripple grows, the more people are touched by Christ’s love shining through you and me. The same is true when a believer is doing God’s work. One may never know what a difference one person can make in another’s life. We may never understand this side of heaven how the Lord has used the work of our hands to benefit so many lives. That excites me in ways I can’t even begin to describe to you! It puts the work I am doing into perspective as well. Facilities Management isn’t exactly my passion above passions. But I see this position as the gateway to unlimited possibilities. So right now there is a need and I’m serving diligently to meet that need for the betterment of the children, the house mothers, and the teachers. I love people! I love interacting with them, observing them, learning about them, ministering to them, serving them, ect…just offering them my presence because to me that’s what Christ did. He loved, He served, and He gave. So I’ve adopted that as my motto for my stay here. I’m here to love the Ugandan community, to serve them, and to give to them. That’s what I see as my mission. To be an extension of the hands and feet of Christ. After the presentation today there were several points it just brought tears to my eyes. Just to think about those things that may seem small to us, the work that we are doing, may at times seem so small and maybe insignificant. But when you look at it in the light of the cross, wow, it’s absolutely amazing! God only knows who you are touching through Christ both in the present and in the future. You may never know whose life you are touching with your ripple. So whenever you feel your work in the kingdom may be insignificant, be reminded of this. No work for Christ is ever insignificant. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy. The mayor of Gulu was at this presentation also and the government supports Watoto and the work they are doing in the community which I think is amazing in itself. After the presentation he spoke and asked when are we getting this thing on the ground because he believes it will change this entire community. The hope is to also teach the surrounding villages how to grow their own crops for their families and reach out and train them as well in addition to the students in the college. Amazing! After the presentation, our team traveled to what they call Living Hope. Living Hope is a branch off Watoto that specifically ministers to vulnerable women. Every woman in Living Hope resides in their facility and has been abducted by the Rebels, most of which have been beaten and raped. All the women in the Living Hope Program are HIV+. Living Hope is designed to restore dignity to these women. The purpose is to keep these women alive so they are able to care for their children. They are also taught life skills and Watoto provides them with a trade such as sewing, making sanitary pads, ect. Gulu has recently begun a new project making sanitary pads for women. In Uganda teenage girls began to drop out of school and not finish their studies because they have to miss a week of school every month because of their period. They had no sanitary pads and no way to clean themselves so they had to stay home. So an individual actually invented a way to make sanitary pads out of papyrus and paper. They go through an entire assembly line process in Living Hope that the vulnerable women assist with to keep teenage girls in school, which enables them to finish their education. As we toured through the facility, Kristin, the same individual at the presentation I spoke of earlier gave us the tour. We entered a room full of about 50-75 women all HIV+. Every women had a story, every women had been abducted in the war. Here I am standing in front of these women as they are each seated in front of their sewing machines, making dolls for the Watoto Choir to sell and make money for the Minstry and as I just look into their eyes, I’m brought to tears. I would try to scan through the room, looking into their eyes, but I was brought to tears every tim. Everything is my life that remotely concerns me is completely erased and it so insignificant when you look these women in the eyes. Wow! Talk about humbling. Every scar they have tells a story. Some women have been mutilated, having their ears cut or pieces of their body cut by the Rebels. Every one of them has a story to tell. It’s in moments like that one is brought into the reality of what really matters in life. Then to hear Kristin talk about how much joy they have. Yes, they have been through more than any of us can ever imagine, however, they understand they are not defined by what’s happened to them in the past and they understand they don’t have to live chained to their past. Their circumstances do not define them! Christ defines them. Kristin was saying once they realize that, they are filled with such hope, and they just let it all go by the Lord’s grace. Each women journey’s through the Trauma Rehabilitation Program, which is extensive counseling before they enter into the Living Hope Program. It is here they learn to forgive. They learn that forgiveness is a choice. Kristin told us that in a lot of cases the very individuals who abducted them still live in their villages and these women come into contact with their abductor’s daily. She said at first these women just want to kill their abductors, however, once they learn that forgiveness is a choice, it changes everything. Unforgiveness acts as a poison that slowly kills you. It’s only when they choose to forgive and let that go, they find freedom. Kristin compared it to a poisoness snake. The faster you run, the faster is kills you.

I pray this entry has blessed your heart and has allowed you to capture only a small taste of all the amazing things the Lord is doing in the nation of Uganda! I love you all!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

3/12/11 Update!

Wow! It's been over a month since I left Missouri. It's gone by so fast actually already! The Lord continues to pour out His blessings! I pray the Lord is using my updates to bless your hearts as well! Every morning I make it my prayer to walk in love, walk in light, and to walk in His strength and not my own. My motto is simply this...and I remind myself of it often...I'm here to love, serve, encourage, and give. Flexibility and patience are my new middle names :-). I'm still working on making a life here, it's interesting learning how to live and make a life for myself here, while maintaining relationships back home. Please pray for wisdom and discernment there!

On 3/5/11 I was invited to a Ugandan wedding introduction where the bride's side of the family meets the groom's family. It was very interesting. The ladies wore traditional African dress and the men also wore what they call a dress as well. Moses knew the individuals getting married so he invited me to go. Moses has been a huge help to me and is usually the one who drives me around the city and to the villages for work. The celebration lasted the entire day and several groups of individuals performed various tribal dances.

I have finished walking through all the schools: vocational, secondary, primary, and what they call prep, which is kindergarten schools. I have now began to write up my findings in a written report. Last week I traveled to Bbira village to get oriented and will soon begin to walk through all the village homes, schools, and teacher apartments there as well. As Moses and I were traveling through the villages we had a train of children walking with us, holding our hands, ect...they are so precious. So we got to spend the rest of the afternoon just loving on the children in the village and interacting with them. A little girl named Rachael walked right out of her home, right up next to me and just grabbed my hand and stood right next to me. It was so precious. I talked with her awhile and spun her around until we were both dizzy and we'd just laugh. Then another little boy named Benjamin held my hand through the entire village as we walked around as well. They just warm your heart so much!

When I was in Uganda two years ago, I met a Watoto teacher named Elizabeth. We instantly formed a friendship and shared prayer requests and have kept in touch this entire time, for two years. She has a little girl named Shannon. For two years, we wrote handwritten letters back and forth. We sent pictures and Christmas cards, ect. We also kept in touch via e-mail. Before I came to Uganda this time I had e-mailed her and told her when I would be in Uganda so we could meet. I had been trying to track her down the first month I was in Uganda. I had thought she was in Bbira village, but it turns out she actually teaches at Suubi village where I had been working the first month or so of my stay here. It was such a God thing how we met actually. Tom and I were in Suubi one day walking through the teacher apartments and this cute little girl kept talking to me through her apartment window. I asked her what her name was but I couldn't understand her through the window. So Tom and I ended up entering her home to look for items that needed repair and I asked her again what her name was. She said it was Shannon. So I asked her if her mothers name was Elizabeth and she said, "yes." I asked her if she remembered writing me? She said, "yes." So I told her to be sure and tell her mom that Charity from the US is here looking for her. So the next day Tom and I were walking through the schools and I asked one of the teachers which building Elizabeth taught at. So soon after, she came walking in with a few ladies and we hugged and it was so exciting to see her again. Later that evening I ran into her again and she welcomed me into her home and fed me fruit and passion fruit juice. She gave me a wooden wall decoration that said "With Love From Uganda." She had handwritten a message on the back and she had remembered my birthday last year and just hadn't sent it yet. It was such a blessing. She told me she could teach me how to cook Ugandan food. God is so good!

Last night Barbara, Brent, Moses, and two other guys on a build team traveled to Gulu where the majority of the war took place. We will be here until Tuesday of next week. I'm trying to get it worked out where I can observe the Trauma Rehabilitation team. They do hands on counseling, discipling with the individuals who have been in the war and have seen unimaginable atrocities. I see my current position as a gateway into something that more fits my passion, which is interacting and really working and ministering into the lives of these beautiful and precious people. I love them so much. So please pray the Lord continues to lead me where He wants me to be even within Watoto Ministries because it's such a huge ministry with so many facets.

I was also able to get in touch with Roy, who is in charge of the worship/music ministry of Watoto Church. He has invited me to attend weekly practices with the band so I can observe what goes on and see where I desire to get plugged in at.

Although the Lord has blessed me so much, I've faced a few challenges as well. Please pray for supernatural wisdom and continued strength and courage to stand on the truths in His Word. The days can be long and hot and there's so much to observe and take in. I know He has called me here, but I can often feel so small at the end of the day and feel like I know so little.

3/2/11 Update!

Greetings! The Lord has been so gracious in allowing me to get finished walking through all the homes in Suubi 1 and Suubi 2. To give you an idea of the way the homes are set up...in Suubi 1 there are 12 clusters, which consists of 9 homes in each cluster or circle. In Suubi 2 there are 8 clusters with 9 homes. So I've already completed a full evaluation of approximately 230 homes in a week and a half. Today Tom and I began walking through the teacher apartments and are about 3/4th of the way finished with those. Next, we will complete the schools and then move on to the next village, which is Bbira Village. Then we will begin hosting meetings with the house mother's and begin the education component. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the Ugandan people! The house mothers are the most welcoming individuals one could ever meet. You feel like part of the family when you enter into their home. Needless to say, I've been fed pretty good when I'm walking through the homes. They take good care of you! There is one house mother very close to my age named Blessing. Blessing is 29 years old and has 8 children in her home. There was just a kindred spirit between us and we formed a friendship immediately. We exchanged pictures of our family and talked for awhile about life, our family, friends, and how amazing our Lord is! She has truly captured my heart and now everyday when I'm out in the village I have to stop and say hello. And when we part she just hugs me and holds on, it's the sweetest thing. She truly lives up to her name, she's truly a blessing to my spirit!

Last weekend I spent with a white family (which are few and far between here...ha) from the US who are working with Watoto also. Wayne and Tarah are their names and they have two girls and one boy. Tarah is 34 and we formed a friendship as well. Her and her family invited me to go to what they call the ARA here, which is a recreation center. They have tennis courts, a swimming pool, work out area, and food. We all played tennis and she shared with me the vision she believes the Lord has placed on her heart. She told me she believes the Lord is leading her to begin a mentorship/Big Sister Program with the teenage girls in the villages. I told her this was such a passion of mine as well. I thrive on discipleship and pouring into individuals lives. The goal of this is simply to pour into these girls and offer ourselves to them to field questions and just provide them someone to talk to about issues they may not normally feel comfortable discussing openly. We will possibly work it out where we can be in the villages hosting Bible studies, having worship services, or just hanging out spending time with each other at least once a week, if not more. We will discuss items such as knowing our identity and who we are in Christ, dating according to God's Word, image and body issues, modesty, homosexuality, sexual purity, and any other topics that effect teenage girls. I shared with her ideas from previous ministries I've been a part of, Heart for Women Ministries, P3 events, and I gave her copies of related Bible studies I've taught the youth or when I've taught devotions on such topics. Please pray that the Lord leads us and allows us to begin this ministry. They already have something of this nature already set up in the villages, however, it's not very organized at this point.

I'm also trying to get plugged into their worship ministry and into what they call a cell group, which is like a small group so I'm able to utilize my spiritual gifts and meet other people! I met two young ladies who assist in children's ministry today in Bbira village. They needed a ride back to Suubi so we got to talk. We were discussing music and they asked if I played any instruments. I told them I played acoustic guitar and djembe and they said it would be wonderful if I could come teach the children guitar and also come and possibly lead worship. This may be an avenue as well. I'm just continuing to pray that the Lord leads me to where He would have me serve in the church.

I absolutely love it here! I'm currently staying at a Watoto guesthouse and will hopefully soon be moving into a house with my friend Barbara. Please pray we are able to find a nice, reasonable house to rent. Eventually I will have to purchase a car here, but until then I have rides arranged to take me where I need to go each day. The Lord has truly taken good care of me by providing me with amazing friends.

The children bless my heart so much! I traveled to Bbira village today and all the kids swarmed to our car as we pulled in. Some ran beside our car as we drove in, waving and smiling! If you're a Mosoongo aka "white person" you almost feel like a celebrity. The children flock to you and they love you so much! As soon as Tom and I got out of the car, the children flocked around me and kept hanging on me, giving me hugs, ect...they make you feel so loved!

Thank you everyone for praying! I love you all! Will post more soon! If you have any questions please comment below or message me on Facebook!

2/22/11 Update!

Greetings! I'm happy to report the Lord has given me more of a vision of what my job description really entails. Brent left for South Africa this morning because Watoto is assisting them set up a Watoto model there in Cape Town. Monday we worked out a tentative plan that while he was away, I would work with another individual named Tom in Facilities Management. So today we began the first phase in this huge project. What needs to be done is this: 1. We carry out a full evaluation of all the homes in the villages, primary, and secondary schools, teacher apartments, maintenance buildings, ect... 2. As we do this evaluation, we are inspecting the homes entirely. So today, Tom and I began in Suubi village. There are nine homes in each cluster. Each cluster is numbered and each house is numbered. So we've created a massive spreadsheet to record the data on what needs to be repaired in each home. We then prioritize each need accordingly. This gives us the opportunity to interact and form relationships with the house mother's and children as well, which is where my passion lies. We are trying to allow them to see we truly care and the goal is to try to educate them on how to take ownership of their homes. Once we gather all the data, I will write up a detailed report. Once this is done, we will estimate the cost of material and order the work to be done. That's it in a nutshell. However, there are three villages total in Kampala and one in Gulu with several clusters of homes, schools, and Watoto buildings in general. Additionally, there are teacher apartments, volunteer apartments, medical facilties, ect...all needing maintenance. I'm excited that the Lord is allowing all the pieces to gradually come together into what is really an exciting project.

Today in the village I sat down on the stairs to jot down a few notes on the last house and here "white folk" are called "Mosoongooes" So I hear three children a ways away begin smiling and talking amongst each other saying, "Mosoongoo, Mosoongoo." A little girl made eye contact with me and walked right up into my lap and gave me a huge hug and smiled from ear to ear. She followed me around for awhile after that and held my hand around the village. It was the sweetest thing!

The Lord has blessed me so much since I've been here! He's given me amazing friends! My friend Barbara and I continue to cut up and kid around all the time. She's truly a blessing and a treasure! It truly is amazing the difference one connection in a foreign land makes. The Lord works miracles in one's spirit!

Today, yet again the Lord's hand of mercy was upon Barbara and I. We were out in the village fairly all day and she received a phone call around 1 or 2pm stating there was a bomb threat at Watoto Church where our office is. Suubi village is about an hour away from the church and it ended up being nothing to be concerned about. However, the Lord is good and we picked a good day not to be in the office. He's really given me such an amazing peace! Even in hearing about that, I prayed in my spirit for the Lord to take care of it and went on trusting.

Please continue praying for my physical health, I was down last Sat. but by Sunday I was in church dancing for Jesus again! I absolutely love the enthusiasm and energetic worship! Just the genuiness of it and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Pray for supernatural wisdom to do His will in the mission He has for me to do here.

I love you all!!!

Second Update from Uganda!

Hello! I am happy to report I purchased a new wireless modem internet device today where I can have internet anywhere. I'm still adjusting to the new technology here and trying to figure out how its all set up. I wanted to post a prayer request. This Friday in Uganda is Election Day. They are voting on a new president. There should be no problems, however, please pray for the safety of the nation. Friday is declared a public holiday so we return to work on Monday and leave early today, Thursday. The Lord has been so gracious to me and has placed such a joy in my spirit. Although sometimes the enemy tries to plant seed thoughts of discouragement, I counteract them in the Spirit with the truth of His Word. I know He has called me here and I'm standing on the truths that:

1. He will meet all my needs according to His riches in glory

2. He will equip me to do His will (in all things)

3. My confidence is in Him

At times its difficult for me to sit back, observe, and study the way things are done here because I'm such the type of person who is driven, motivated, and hardworking that I desire to jump in and serve with all my heart. So at times I feel like I'm not doing much of anything yet, however, I know it will take time and that I'm to be patient and not set high expectations of myself to learn everything instantly. Please pray with me in regard to that!

First Update from Uganda!

Today is the first day I've had internet available. I'm currently at the Watoto office sitting at my new desk :-). Brent had me move some things out of another office into his office so I just finished doing that for him. The past two days have been amazing! My first night was a little tough in that I didn't sleep all night and missed home. However, the Lord is good and He knew exactly what I needed. About 5am Brent walked by my room and called my name because he had lost his bag full of clothes. Of course I wasn't asleep so we talked for a bit and he asked if I wanted to call home. That was a blessing and helped me. I have been praying and trusting that the Lord will meet all my needs according to His riches in glory as Scripture says. That verse and the verse in Heb. 13:20 that states that the Lord will equip me to do His will are the theme verses I've been standing on. The first night, I had asked the Lord to help me make friends. The very next day, which was Saturday, Brent arranged for Moses and I to go to the airport to pick up the bag Brent had left behind with his clothes in it. So we got to spend some time together. The airport was in Entebee, which is about an hour away from Kampala. Then later that afternoon I met Barbara and I rode with her to Suubi village, the village we built in last trip. She is in charge of the agriculture/farming in sustainability here. She is my age, beautiful girl. We really are a lot alike and became instant friends. We talked a lot about dating, relationships, and found out about each other. I told her I could play guitar and the drum. She told me she could hook me up with the worship team in Watoto Church. She told me how it was set up on a rotational schedule. Each team leads every service on Sunday, and each week they rotate. Then when it's your turn again you can choose to remain on the same worship team or switch to another one. She said I could start small, leading worship for cell groups and/or Bible studies, then branch out from there. We also talked about our living situations. She has been house hunting for awhile now and asked if we could work it out with Brent if we could be room mates. Right now she lives a little drive away so she has been staying at the guesthouse where I'm at so she doesn't have to drive back and forth. She said a house would probably be much cheaper than the volunteer apartments. We could also spit the cost, which would be nice also. So be praying that works out just as it should. She also invited me to what they called a Valentine Beach Bash Sunday afternoon after church on Lake Victoria. It was an event advertised by Watoto church. There is a Christian radio station called Power FM and about every month they have a large dance party. How bout that...a Christian environment where they get together and dance the night away for the Lord. :-) That was basically what it was. It was held at a Wildlife center where there were all sorts of animals such as zebras, giraffe's, gazelle's, monkies ect. The monkies cracked me up they would follow you around and try to grab your food. They took off with another ladies popcorn, Julia, who went with us to the party. It was hilarious. Then the wildlife keepers brought out a python snake and was showing everyone. I didn't bring my camera but wanted to take a picture to show dad with the caption.."Look what I found in the bush." Haha.. So Barbara and I walked the trail and looked at the animals and then the dance began. We danced for awhile and danced in a large circle and some of the Africans would take turns, one at a time, dancing in the center. Barbara wanted me to go, so I got in the center and did my prom dance move and they all yelled. Pete, you know which one I'm talking about ;-) It was fun. I told Barbara and Julia after Julia said, "Wow, this girl can dance," that see white people can dance too..haha. Then they had a bonfire later on the beach and danced around it. We did the limbo. Later they had a movie, but we went ahead and left. Saturday evening we attended Watoto Church Central and it was amazing! I was pretty tired though during the service because I hadnt slept in about three days though,but it was still fun. Then Sunday morning Watoto Church North had just opened their new church so they held the first service there. It was an outdoor ampitheater type building. I love their worship services! They are so uplifting and energetic. Right up my alley :-) Then Sunday afternoon was the party. So today I'm at the office for the first part of the day. I rode in Barbara. Then later I will meet up with Brent and we are probably going to tour around the facilties to get an idea of what needs to be fixed. I will hopefully be getting my sim card soon so I can make calls and getting an internet device where I can get internet anywhere. That way I can commuicate more often.

How are you guys? Let me know what's going on. I love you all!